Arugam Bay

Arugam bay is the surf spot of Sri Lanka. The whole village exudes the typical relaxed and lively surf atmosphere. Arugam Bay is the most popular surfing destination. Nearby attractions include lagoon tour, bird watching, and elephant, Kumana National Park, Kudumpigala monarchy and many ancient ruins and archaeological sites. Arugambay offers many affordable accommodations to provide all surf dudes shelter. These accommodations often sit on the beach, so in the morning, you can move from your bed directly to the sea to catch the first waves. After all efforts at sea, in the afternoon, you can take an afternoon nap in a hammock.

Arugambay is one of the few places in Sri Lanka where the evening is really lively in the brewery. Limit your surfing adventures not only to the Bay of Arugambay. A few kilometers away are several beautiful surf spots such as Elephant Rock and Crocodile Rock. A tuk ride during your surfboard on the roof by the wild nature gives surely the ultimate holiday.

Arugambay is often addressed whether you like surfing lessons, or not this applies especially to western girls. The choice of 'surf teachers' is great, but these are not all equally qualified. A very reliable and good surf school Safa Surf School of Fawas Lafeer. Fawas know exactly when you should be in any surf spot on the best waves and with a little luck he teaches you a headstand on the surfboard.

After all the netsurf, the evening time is the period to eat well in one of the many restaurants of Arugambay. In Siam View you get delicious Thai food and there is often a live music in the evening. After dinner the tables are pushed aside and you can dance. Arugambay is indeed beautiful and pristine. Do not worry if you ride on elephants along the way!

The wave defeat in Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka

More recently, the participants of the UK Pro Surf Tour have shown that the Arugam Bay in the eastern part of Sri Lanka is one of the top surfing areas in the world. With the tourist development of the region, the island recovers a unique water sports paradise and is again available for all surf lovers from now. Among the most popular spots is Reef Point, which is located at the southern end of the

bay and is suitable with fine waves for beginners to belong. The Elephant Rock is located about half an hour south from Reef Points and offers a secluded beach with long running waves. The Surfers Point, however, is capable of very high waves for experienced surfers.

Sri Lanka tour

Sri Lanka is truly a beautiful island, like the old name Lankadweepa which already exist, in Sanskrit. This island is just below India is a great destination and ideal place for touring, like Vietnam, Thailand and China. Sri Lanka is a beautiful country, where many tours are organized. For years, Sri Lanka has been listed by Lonely Planet and other high-profile travel companies among the top 10 countries that are a must to visit. It is a paradise for holiday lovers in many ways; the country’s culture, adventure, sun and sea and much more to offer! Find out more below about traveling around in Sri Lanka.

Traveling around Sri Lanka: coffee and coconuts

Traditionally as Buddhist country, but nowadays there are many people who adhere to a different faith. Almost the third of the population is Hindu, Christian or Muslim. Sri Lanka exports a lot of tea, coffee, textiles and coconuts. The country is also called the "Green Pearl of the Indian Ocean" and during your trip, the beauty of the country will certainly stand out. The vast tropical forests and beautiful beaches are only a part of it. For travelers interested in culture and history of Sri Lanka is interesting for a tour, thanks to its rich cultural heritage.

Visit Anuradhapura during your tour in Sri Lanka

Anuradhapura is an interesting city to visit during your trip. This city is located 205 km from the commercial center of Sri Lanka, Colombo City. Anuradhapura is a holy city for Buddhism and you will also see the four large 'stupas (Buddhist temple) that protect the Buddhist relics. The city is one of the cities on the UNESCO World Heritage List, and definitely worth a visit during your trip.

Are you interested in culture during your tour in Sri Lanka? Then visit Polonnaruwa

If you are interested in culture and history, do not miss the town of Polonnaruwa during your tour. This is the second royal city of Sri Lanka. The historic city center is less ancient than those of Anuradhapura, and also the remnants of the buildings are in much better shape. Not all tours visit this city, but it certainly worth visiting. Here there are many interesting sights, such as the many stupas, Hindu Siva Devala temples and many parts of the royal palace. There are also four large Buddha statues that were carved from the same stone.

Traveling around Sri Lanka: sea and beach in Arugam Bay

If you want to enjoy beautiful beaches and beautiful nature, you must visit Arugam Bay during your trip. Here you will find a quiet area of beaches and beach hotels, with nearby Muslim village of Sinna Ulla. The bay is the best place in Sri Lanka to chill and relax while touring, eating seafood and partying. Moreover, this coast has the best surfing waves of Sri Lanka. If you want to surf during your trip, Arugam Bay is a must to visit! The surrounding area consists of tropical forests where many species of birds, crocodiles and elephants maybe encountered.

When can I book my best tour in Sri Lanka?

The surfing season is from April to September. This is the dry season. The rainy season is not suitable for surfing. Most accommodations and surf schools are closed. Moreover, you can always go to Sri Lanka for the tropical nature and the cultural richness of the towns and villages. So you can throughout the year book for tours, according to your personal preference. The tours in Sri Lanka are suitable as individual trip, but also for tours with groups or touring with kids you can always find a suitable tour here. Book your tour when it suits you and experience the beauty and fascinating culture of Sri Lanka.